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10mm Diameter Pure Plastic Teflon PTFE Rod

Product Detail

Basic Info

Product Description

Poly (perchloroethylene English name for PTFE). Poly vinyl chloride, generally referred to as "non stick coating". Is a use of fluorine substituted polyethylene all of the hydrogen atoms in synthetic polymer material. Teflon PTFE Rod material has the advantages of resistance to acid and alkali resistance, the characteristics of a variety of organic solvents, almost insoluble in all solvents. At the same time, Teflon PTFE Rod has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, his low coefficient of friction, so do the lubrication of in, it has also become the ideal coating for inner pipe.

Key Features:

Excellent chemical and heat resistance
Lowest co-efficient of friction
Highest operating temperature and stability
Physiologically inert
Excellent electrical properties
Can have glass or bronze fillers for wear resistance


Seal , seats , packing , chevrons
Piston rings , glide rings , lantern rings , back up rings , Slide bearings
Electrical and thermal insulators
Wear plates
Bushes , bearings in chemical pumps
O-rings , envelope gaskets
Bellows , lings(c hemical),valve seats