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PTFE friction coefficient with increasing slip speed while slightly increasing

PTFE friction coefficient with increasing slip speed which slightly increases. - Generally agree that the coefficient of friction of PTFE is 0.04, close to the ice from the friction coefficient is very low. But this is self-friction polytetrafluoroethylene, and is on the newly sanded surface to get at with less than 1.1cm / s of low speed slip. Within 0.5~4m / s speed range, the coefficient of friction of PTFE is usually about 0.2, is not low. Of course, in the load is large, a larger sliding speed conditions, can be obtained dynamic coefficient of dynamic friction of 0.02. PV value from the perspective of view, polytetrafluoroethylene at a low speed high pressure, low friction coefficient, low pressure in the high-speed friction coefficient is large. In Gao speed, high load and wear great, sometimes no practical value.

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