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PTFE Products

Product Detail

Product Description

PTFE Main Products available:

1). PTFE skive Sheet (0.5-5mm thickness, special size can be customized)
2). Molded PTFE sheet(1-80 thickness, 100-2000mm width; 100-2000mm length)
3). Molded PTFE sheet (1-65mm thickness; Dia. 100-1000mm)
4). Full size for molded PTFE rod, extruded PTFE rod.
5). Full size for molded PTFE tube, extruded PTFE tube
6). Modified PTFE products ( fill with glass fibre, graphite, carbon etc. )
7). PTFE machined parts according to drawing.

PTFE (king of plastic) is the most commonly used fluoroplastic. Also with widest applications. PTFE has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high & low temperature resistance, good lubrication and insulation, non-sticky, harmless. It is widely used in the industries like aviation, chemical, electronics, bridge, mechanical manufacturing, textile, papermaking and ceramics etc.

Key Properties
1. Very low coefficient of friction
2. Highly inert
3. High melting point
4. Wonderful electrical properties.

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