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PTFE (Teflon) Rod

Product Description
1. Description:

Recognized as the first fluorocarbon material in the world and referred to as PTFE or TFE, it is the most chemically resistant plastic known. It has a working temperature range of minus 400° F to 500° F, excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties and a low coefficient of friction.

With a non-stick surface, very few materials will adhere to it and those that stick can easily be peeled or rubbed off. PTFE's mechanical properties are lower than other engineering plastics, but that can be improved by adding fillers such as glass fiber, carbon, graphite, molybdenum disulfide and bronze.

2. Features:

High chemical resistance

High temperature resistance


Maintenance free

Long durability

Self lubricating

3. Applications:

Common applications include food processing, electrical parts, insulators, medical components, seals, bearings and high heat situations.

Note: Virgin grade rod is made from unreprocessed PTFE resin and costs more then the less expensive "mechanical grade" PTFE rod, which is made from reprocessed PTFE resin. Our factory offers both grades.
Types              Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
pressed rod 2~4 produced under requirements
extruded rod 5~120 500~3000
die pressed rod 25~300 100~300